oSPE is able to monitor web site customer behavior during web site navigation.

onStage Proactive Engagement


oSPE shorts processing time of orders and automates the process of customer service.


oSPE integrates different communication channels in unified system.

onStage Proactive Engagement

Proactive Engagement

oSPE provides standard contact center systems with proactive customer engagement functionality.

Optimal Growth

oSPE accelerates customer onboarding process, increase sales and reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments.

Operational Efficiency and Proactive Customer Engagement

Bizmatica Polska S.A. is a part of the Italian-French Group Bizmatica Econocom with the office in Warsaw (Poland). It is a consulting company that offers online consumer engagement solutions for businesses, particularly focusing on operational efficiency and customer relationship management.

onStage Proactive Engagement

Key product features

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onStage Proactive Engagement

Advantages of proactive engagement technology

[Identification of users on the website]
[Improvement in conversion]
[Identification of the events that may bring to webpage leave]
[Alleviation of stressful situations]
[Transaction finalization and increase of sales]
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